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Tuition for:​


  • Math (PSLE, E-Math, A-Math)

  • Science (PSLE, Pure, Combined)

  • Principles of accounts (POA)

  • Workshops

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why choose instantuition

Small Class Size

Providing tuition in small groups, our teachers will give specialised 1-1 attention to each and every student so that students will catch up and stay ahead of the curve.

Instant understanding

Instant understanding, instant improvement, then work towards an A grade. After attending our lessons, you will realise that you did not know what you are learning can be so easy!

After-class support

You are not only paying for our time in class. Students will also receive any help they need out of tuition classes so they can learn more.


Our lessons

Math Formulas


PSLE math

lower sec math

upper sec E-Math

upper sec A-Math


PSLE science

lower sec science

upper sec physics

upper sec chemistry


principles of accounts

sec 3 POA

O level POA

N level POA




science practical techniques



Desk Accessories

Miss Kacey was able to win Zalifah over and because of the rapport, Zalifah, who used to fail POA started to love the subject. Zalifah was willing to put in the extra effort and from failing POA since Sec 3, she managed to  pass her 'N' Levels with a grade 2. Zalifah is further motivated to take up Business Studies at Temasek Poly this year.

- Maimon A. Samad

(Zalifah's Mother)

Audrey's been having her tuition with Mr Cheok since 20th December of 2017. Since then Audrey has improved significantly  with her mathematics result. Topics like Fractions, Angles,, Word Problems, etc. Foundation which was her weakest has became her interest and keen to learn after attending tuition service from InstanTuition (Mr Cheok). Audrey  did well in her PSLE (on areas of Math particularly). Mr Cheok is a very patient and does his work well. He makes sure that Audrey understand the topic that is being taught. 

- Cheers, Arlene Diaz

I would like to say thank you to Mr Cheok for his passion in teaching my son. He has really enjoyed learning in such enjoyable environment, especially Mr Cheok's guidance who provided a friendly and caring teaching method. Your help and support has been invaluable and it has been meaningful to see my son's confidence develop over the time he has spent. Best wishes for your future tutoring courses

- Warmest regards, Danzel's Mother

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