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PSLE - mathematics

Why is Math so difficult?

Why can't I get an A for Math?

How Math can be so easy?

  • Problem sums

  • Models

  • Guess and Check

  • Multiplication and Division

  • Time Management

  • Careless Mistakes

  • Breaking down questions to simplify and enhance understanding in solving problem sum questions

  • Training students’ analytical mind and patience by exploring smart ways to solve guess and check questions

  • Building on self-awareness and consciousness when attempting a question to improve discipline and time management while reducing careless mistakes

  • Introducing “hacks” and easy to remember methods for multiplication and division

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PSLE - foundation mathematics

Why is Math so difficult?

Why can't I get an A for Math?

How Math can be so easy?

  • Unable to follow the speed of teaching in school

  • Problem sums

  • Multiplication and division

  • Showing no interest in math

  • Train our students to solve past-year PSLE questions

  • Customise suitable pacing for each individual

  • Breaking down the questions for easier understanding and solutions

  • Introducing “hacks” to remember multiplication and division tables easily

  • Making content simple and easy to spark interest in them

secondary school - E-math [Exp/N(A)/n(T)]

Why is Math so difficult?

Why can't I get an A for Math?

How Math can be so easy?

  • Too many topics to remember, or one has specific topics that one is weak in.

  • Weak in Algebra, hence unable to understand many other topics in Mathematics.

  • Having problems in understanding and application of content. All this leads to poor self-confidence when solving questions.

  • Building linkages and showing how the linkages can be formed to tackle cross-topic questions

  • Simplify the content and solutions to help students to understand how easy it can be

  • Introduce “hacks” to build interest and boost self-confidence

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secondary school - A-math [Exp/N(A)]

Why is Math so difficult?

Why can't I get an A for A-Math?

  • Not knowing the in-depth theory well enough

  • Unable to apply the knowledge to questions

  • Over doubting of oneself when working on solutions and afraid of making careless mistakes

  • A-math seems to be too difficult especially when one is weak in E-Math

How A-Math can be so easy?

  • Making A-math super easy and enable students to appreciate the subject

  • Exploration of contents to build up more knowledge

  • Working on different levels and types of questions to build on self-confidence

  • Building on “just do it” attitude to build self-confidence and reducing careless mistakes

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" Helped my amaths from a fail to an A. Very kind teacher that will help you with any questions you have. Lessons are always very productive and you will learn something new each day. "

" I have been having POA tuition with Ms Kacey and Math and Science tuition with Mr Cheok at InstanTuition since I was sec 3. Ever since I joined them my marks has improved remarkably. They provided me with useful materials. This led to me doing well for my N levels.

I would recommend this tuition centre to others as it is very good. The environment here is good as I am able to study well here. "

" The teachers are very friendly, their teaching methods can be easily understood. I improved a lot because i can understand better, their tuition centre is very cosy and comfortable to study at as well :) "

" The teachers here from InstanTuition are very approachable and they are very nice as well. My first class here was on July the 14th and I used to not get good grades and now I am scoring well in a few months. I fully recommend this best tuition centre at Tampines :) "

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