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Why is POA so difficult...

Why POA can be so easy!

  • Trouble understanding, remembering and applying theory

  • Lack of a solid foundation which is key to later topics

  • Inventory Valuation and Long-term Borrowings

  • Simplify business jargons and make POA relatable to student’s everyday life

  • Non-stop revision of old topics for memory retention in conjunction with learning new topics

  • Students will get exposure to all types of questions



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" I’ve seen an improvement in my grades since I’ve joined InstanTuition. Miss Kacey has been teaching me POA since sec 3. I have always struggled with POA and couldn’t grasp the concepts very well, thus failing this subject for every exam. Attending her classes has helped me clear various doubts I had about POA. Lessons are engaging and productive and her teaching methods are different from my teacher, thus allowing me to be able to understand it better. I went from scoring a U grade to getting an A1 for 'N' levels.


Besides enrolling for POA tuition, I also attended a crash course for Math under Mr. Cheok, a month before 'N' levels. Before attending Mr. Cheoks' lesson, my grades have always been stagnant and I had a weak understanding of Math. Mr. Cheok is a kind and funny teacher. He can connect with students well and would try his best to make things simpler for me by using more general explanations which are easy to understand. He focuses on my weaker areas and gives me practices to strengthen that area. Within that one month, I went from a Grade 5 to a Grade 3.

The environment is conducive, comfortable and welcoming as well. I look forward to lessons, highly recommended! Best tuition centre at Tampines!☺️ "


" I have been having POA tuition with Ms Kacey and Math and Science tuition with Mr Cheok at InstanTuition since i was sec 3. Ever since i joined them my marks have improved remarkably. They provided me with useful materials. This led to me doing well for my n lvls.
i would recommend this tuition center to others as it is very good. The environment here is good as i am able to study well here. "

" My daughter greatly improves from borderline passing to grade 2. Teachers at InstanTuition were very supportive with good motivation for my daughter to excel in her studies. It was a great achievement and was rewarded with a good progress award by MOE. The teachers from InstanTution has gone beyond just teaching and cared for the student not only during tuition class and they are open to teaching even after tuition classes. 

My daughter was constantly given support via message and call. 

Extra classes were also conducted to ensure student understand and catch up with lessons learned. Great tuition centre!​​ Thank you for the great help to my daughter."

- RAJA (Sharmny's father)

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" Miss Kacey was able to win Zalifah over and because of the rapport, Zalifah, who used to fail POA started to love the subject. Zalifah was willing to put in the extra effort and from failing POA since Sec 3, she managed to  pass her 'N' Levels with a grade 2. Zalifah is further motivated to take up Business Studies at Temasek Poly this year."

- Maimon A. Samad (Zalifah's Mother)

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" Hi Kacey, thank you for the update and will advice her as what you have said. She did say that she understood clearly what you have taught her so far and very comfortable with your method of teaching."

- Shah (Sofea's Mother)

"Ms Kacey, i got back my POA results for prelims. I got 87%"

- Sofea

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If you'd  like to improve and Ace POA like the above students, JOIN US NOW!!! 


CALL / SMS / WHATSAPP: 9374 9138  |  6784 6696


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