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" Miss Kacey taught me POA for around 9 months, and she has imparted valuable and useful exam tips and tricks to me, which helped me jump from a F9 to an A! I am very thankful for her patience and her encouraging words!:) "


" Really helpful tuition. From borderline pass to constant A’s. The teachers here give me tips on each subjects that school don’t. Also teaches you how to be exam smart. Highly recommended. "


Written by Sarafyna:

" I joined instantuition in sec 2 while scoring Cs and Bs for math. Through Mr Cheok's guidance, I was able to secure an A1 for my end of year exams in sec 2. He gave me the confidence to take up both E-math and A-math in upper secondary and continued to guide me with patience. Despite having to do online learning during certain parts of the pandemic, he made sure that I was still able to ask for help when needed. The centre has a very conducive environment for learning which helped me a lot. Mr Cheok is a very caring and kind teacher, helping me even when I do not have class on that particular day. He is the reason why I was able to score straight A1s for both E-math and A-math from Sec 3 WA1 all the way to O-levels. Everytime I doubted myself he gave me encouragement and he believed that I would score well. I was able to top my class for quite a few exams in upper secondary for both mathematics and he would be so happy when I told him. This is the kind of tuition centre which actually helps you achieve your goals and not demotivate you. Highly recommended tuition centre for those who want to improve! "

Written by Yalenchka: 

" The tuition gives me both a comfortable environment to study in as well as a way for me to consolidate and clear my doubts on topics I may not have had enough practice on during classes in school. Having gone through several different tuition centres and tutors within my four years of secondary school, I find that InstanTuition's mixed approach of providing students one-to-one teaching yet allowing them to complete tasks on their own has been the most effective in improving my physics grades. Students could also interact with one another in the tuition centre cultivating a healthy learning culture in which students can learn to enjoy studying by helping and motivating one another. Despite alternating between going for tuition and self studying over the years, I still feel that Mr Cheok is the one who has significantly improved my science grades from when I first joined in Secondary 2 to the A1 in Physics in O Levels.

Overall I would recommend this tuition centre to any student who is looking to improve their grades and to those who find the usual private tutors or traditional classroom setting of most conventional tuition centres ineffective. "


Written by Aaryan: 

" Miss Kacey is a very helpful and caring teacher who shows great passion in teaching. InstanTuiton is also a very nice and conducive environment to study in. I jumped from a fail to an A1 for my N-levels for POA! "

kaeley and natalie.jpg

" The tuition centre is a very comfortable place with great tutors who patiently teach me. When I join InstanTuition, I was very weak in my chemistry, I had no idea on what was going on in chemistry. However after joining InstanTuition, I was able to understand chemistry very well and even improved my grades and start to pass chemistry. I attend physics, maths and POA tuition at InstanTuition too, I used to be weak in these 3 subjects but after joining the tuition for these 3 subjects, my grades jumped tremendously, I used to not understand anything in these 3 subjects also but now I understand what is taught and what we are learning for these 3 subjects. Realising that this tuition centre is very good, I decided to recommend this place to my friends who need help in their subjects. After 2 of my friends came for lessons, they really understand the subject and are now doing very well for those subjects. I strongly recommend this tuition center to anyone who needs help with their studies and want to see real improvement! "

Written by Kailaash's Mother, Mdm Ang

" My son was under Mr Cheok for about two-and-a-half years for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. During this period of time, Mr Cheok had been very encouraging and patient with him. He builds strong rapport with my son so he looks up to Mr Cheok a lot. Ms Kacey had been instrumental in my son's good results in POA which helped him to secure a place in the PFP in SP. Mr Cheok and Ms Kacey, thank you very much! "

2019_Jing Wen.jpg

" I’ve seen an improvement in my grades since I’ve joined InstanTuition. Miss Kacey has been teaching me POA since sec 3. I have always struggled with POA and couldn’t grasp the concepts very well, thus failing this subject for every exam. Attending her classes has helped me clear various doubts I had about POA. Lessons are engaging and productive and her teaching methods are different from my teacher, thus allowing me to be able to understand it better. I went from scoring a U grade to getting an A1 for 'N' levels. 


Besides enrolling for POA tuition, I also attended a crash course for Math under Mr. Cheok, a month before 'N' levels. Before attending Mr. Cheoks' lesson, my grades have always been stagnant and I had a weak understanding of Math. Mr. Cheok is a kind and funny teacher. He can connect with students well and would try his best to make things simpler for me by using more general explanations which are easy to understand. He focuses on my weaker areas and gives me practices to strengthen that area. Within that one month, I went from a Grade 5 to a Grade 3.

The environment is conducive, comfortable and welcoming as well. I look forward to lessons, highly recommended! Best tuition centre at Tampines ☺️ "

2019_Rayan (before after).jpg

" Helped my amaths from a fail to an A. Very kind teacher that will help you with any questions you have. Lessons are always very productive and you will learn something new each day. "


" I have been having POA tuition with Ms Kacey and Math and Science tuition with Mr Cheok at InstanTuition since I was sec 3. Ever since I joined them my marks has improved remarkably. They provided me with useful materials. This led to me doing well for my N levels.

I would recommend this tuition centre to others as it is very good. The environment here is good as i am able to study well here. "

2019_Shyura & Arfah (before after).jpg

Written by Shyura:

" The teachers are very friendly, their teaching methods can be easily understood. I improved a lot because i can understand better, their tuition centre is very cosy and comfortable to study at as well :) "

Written by Arfah:

" The teachers here from InstanTuition are very approachable and they are very nice as well. My first class here was on July the 14th and I used to not get good grades and now I am scoring well in a few months. I fully recommend this tuition centre :) "

2019_Aminah (before after).jpg
2018_Zalifah (before after).jpg

" Mr Cheok & Ms Kacey have been my tutors since I was sec3. Currently I'mm about to finish PFP in Temasek Polytechnic (TP) so they have been my tutors for about 2-3 years. In sec 3, I’ve always struggled with POA which made me hate it. I always failed tests, was the last in class, etc. but ever since Ms Kacey taught me, my grades improved tremendously - from a U grade to an A2 in my N levels. Thanks to her I was able to finally like and enjoy learning POA. I am extremely grateful to have met a teacher like her. Mr Cheok has been my maths & sci tutor since Sec 3 as well. Even now when I'm 18, I'm still having maths classes as I'm still taking a module similar to O level A-Maths standard in TP, and Mr Cheok is the only teacher that suits my learning style. Thanks to him, I achieved a B3 for E-Maths in my N levels, from a U grade.

In a nutshell, they are both excellent teachers - they will adapt to your studying style, explain whatever you need/want to know, no matter how deep your questions get because personally, I can’t stay on the surface. They will constantly push you forward when you feel like giving up, they will give you reasons to wanna do well and above all, they’re like a friend. if it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be where I'm at today. I have recommended this tuition to my friends and sisters. They have tried it out and loved it, they have seen results too. Therefore i recommend you to send your child over too! :) "

Written by Zalifah's Mother, Maimon A. Samad:

Mr Cheok started teaching Zalifah at Sec 3 . He constantly motivated her and she was willing to put in her bit in order to pass her Math and Science. My worry for Zalifah was her Math. She had been failing that subject since PSLE.

Under Mr Cheok's guidance, she passed her 'N' level Math and Science and is able to continue her education at Temasek Poly. He also made sure Zalifah make notes for her Science subjects and memorise them. I really appreciate his help with her studies. 


Miss Kacey was able to win Zalifah over and because of the rapport, Zalifah, who used to fail POA started to love the subject. Zalifah was willing to put in the extra effort and from failing POA since Sec 3, she managed to  pass her 'N' Levels with a grade 2. Zalifah is further motivated to take up Business Studies at Temasek Poly this year.

2018_Sharmny (before after).jpg

" I've joined InstaTuition in May 2018, because I needed alot of help in my principle of accounts as I planned to use it for my N Levels . To my surprise, my experience here was totally different from what I had experienced with my previous tutors . Not only did Miss Kacey help me jump grades from an U to an A2 In a span of one month, she was an amazing friend as well. I was really comfortable with her and her techniques of teaching is very unique, very useful.This encouraged me to improve in my academic studies to obtain an A1 and decided to attend classes under Mr Cheok for Mathematics and chemistry. He helped me improve my mathematics from a C5 In Midyear to an A2 in prelims and N well as improve from a U in chemistry to an A2 in prelims and N levels. Without them I wouldn't have jumped from 25 points(before joining) to 11 points in N level. They made learning really fun .I enjoy attending instanTuition, they not only help me academically but emotionally as well. Like I said before they have creative ways to make learning fun and easy to remember.
I'm in secondary 5, aiming to get into Biomedical science. And without a doubt, I can trust them is pushing me to my full potential to help me achieve my goal. I am so happy to find a home in InstanTuition. "

Written by Sharmny's Father, Raja

My daughter greatly improves from borderline passing to grade 2. Teachers were very supportive with good motivation for my daughter to excel in her studies. My daughter scored grade 2 for POA and grade 2 for science and grade 2 for math. It was a great achievement and was rewarded with a good progress award by MOE. The teachers from InstanTution has gone beyond just teaching and cared for the student not only during tuition class and they are open to teaching even after tuition classes. 

My daughter was constantly given support via message and call. 

Extra classes were also conducted to ensure student understand and catch up with lessons learned.

Great tuition centre!

Thank you for the great help for my daughter.

rayson 2.jpg
rayson 1.jpg
rayson 3_edited.jpg
Rayson mye and eoy.001.jpeg
Rayson was enrolled for tuition on March 2018.
The pictures above showed his  results shortly after he came 
- Mid Year Exam 2018: Grade 2
- End of Year Exam 2018: Grade 1
- Weighted Assessment 1 2020: Grade 1 (top of Express Math class

" The teachers here are very friendly and very patient! I started joining chemistry physics and amath and ive felt that the explanation by the teachers are very clear and easy to understand. The learning environment is also very cozy and nice . I would greatly recommend this tuition centre to others "

- Claris


Audrey's been having her tuition with Mr Cheok since 20th December 2017. Since then Audrey has improved significantly with her mathematics results. Topics like fractions, angles, word problems, etc are foundation which was her weakest has became her interest and keen to learn after attending tuition service from InstanTuition (Mr Cheok). Audrey did well in her PSLE (on areas of Math particularly). Mr Cheok is very patient and does his work well. He makes sure that Audrey understands the topic that is being taught. 

Audrey is now in Secondary 1 at Temasek Secondary School and still continuing her tuition with Mr Cheok. I have referred my friend's son to Mr Cheok tuition service too. Highly recommended!

Thank you to InstanTuition!

Cheers, Arlene Diaz (Audrey's Mother)

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google 5 star rating.png

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