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We provide the highest quality educational services that allow our students to enjoy learning while achieving their highest potential in terms of academics and personal growth. 


No one-size-fits-all. We aim to change the way of teaching and learning to suit every individual’s needs for growth. 

  • Responsibility (results)

  • Patience (to nurture)

  • Commitment (to success) 

  • Care (well-being)

  • Continuous self-learning (up-to-date syllabus) 

  • Mutual Respect (do not look down on students)

Here at InstanTuition @ Tampines, we not only offer academics support but also psychological and career guidance for our students. Our teachers are caring and supportive of their students. As the class size is small, we are able to understand our students better and help them grow into fine successful adults.


Our teachers are equipped with skills for educating, and on top of that, also to assist in our students' development in other areas. Everyone has an equal chance to succeed in life, as long as they have the right mindset and attitude. InstanTuition aims to spark joy in learning while instantly improving on one's grade. Our students mature with us as they learn valuable lessons. Because of this, we strictly adhere to our mission, vision and values of InstanTuition to achieve quality educational services and provide excellence for our students and their parents.

Our teachers here at InstanTuition are passionate in teaching. Over the years of experience, we helped students and their parents to achieve their goals and dreams. We feel accomplished when we help others to succeed. InstanTuition is born to help people to realise that instant achievements come with the right effort and mindset.