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principles of
algebra workshop

Do you face problems when attempting Algebra questions?

Do you often struggle to understand Algebra?

Do you always get stuck or do not know how to approach Algebra questions?


This workshop is designed to help you to overcome and master Algebra!


Jr Group: P4 - P6

No. of session: 6 x 1h

(max. 10 students) 

Sr Group: Sec 1 - Sec 5

No. of session: 10 x 1.5h

(max. 10 students) 


* Spark interest in Algebra

* Master Algebra

* Make Algebra easy


  • Four operations of Algebra

  • Expansion and Factorisation

  • Algebraic Fraction

  • Linear equation

  • Algebraic formulae

  • Ways to solve quadratic equations

  • Tests provided to show improvement in student's ability to perform at the start and end of the workshop

fun science workshop

Your child has started learning science in Primary 3.

Are they interested in Science?

Do they find it fun?

This fun and interactive workshop allows your child to do and learn from hands-on experiments. This workshop themes around the syllabus outlined by SEAB for primary school. It will also help your child to enjoy learning and appreciate science by relating it to one’s daily life. Upon completion of each project, students will be able to bring it home for practical usage.


No. of session: 7 x 1h

(max. 8 students)


* Helps students to appreciate and develop interest in science

* Relate science knowledge to students' everyday life


  • Energy

  • Structure

  • Light and Shadow

  • Sound

multiplication and division workshop

Have you wondered how to make multiplication easier for your child? Even Division? This is one of the first steps to mastering Mathematics. Children normally have problems with this, and because of this, they may lose interest in math. Fret not, as we provide this workshop to help your child!


No. of session: 8+2(FREE) x 1.5h 

(max. 8 students)


* Improve mental calculation

* Spark interest in Math

* Make Math easy


  • Introduce hacks to remember multiplication table 0 to 12

  • Methods to remember division table 1 to 10

  • Tests provided to show improvement in your child's ability to perform at the start and end of the workshop

o level science practical
techniques workshop


Pure Physics

Science (Physics)

Science (Chemistry)


Sec 3Express,

Sec 4Express,

Sec 5Normal(A) 

No. of session PER SUBJECT: 8 x 1h 

(max. 10 students)


* Develop confidence doing practical examinations

* Make practical exercise easy

* Sharing hacks on how to score and ace practical examinations

Do you face problems when doing O level practical examinations?

Do you always face confusion and uncertainty as to which steps to take?

Are you always in doubt and lack confidence while performing the experiments?

Fret not, as this workshop is just for you!


  • Train to do practical exam even without apparatus/equipment

  • Use thought-experiments

  • Reverse engineering methods

  • Practise multiple practical tests

speed math workshop

Speed MATH is designed to help students who are interested to develop quick mental mathematical calculation. It involves practical knowledge and methods that are useful for life. It also helps to develop an interest in math by making math cool and easy!


Jr Group: P4 - P6

Intmd Group: Sec 1 - Sec 2

Sr Group: Sec 3 - Sec 5

No. of session: 6 x 1.5h

(max. 6 students)


* Improve on mental calculation

* Strengthen students' brain muscle

* Reduce reliance on calculator


  • Speed multiplication and division

  • Speed addition and subtraction

  • Speed financial calculation

  • Speed tricks on square, cube and roots

signature poa crash course

Do you have trouble understanding, remembering and applying theory?

Are you struggling with basic double entries?

Do you want to do well for POA?


  • Secondary 3 Express / N(A)

  • Secondary 4 Express / N(A)

  • Secondary 5 N(A)

  • O Level students

  • N Level students


* Foundation mastery

* Theory mastery

Weekend study programme

This is for the final year primary / secondary school students taking PSLE, O level or N level this year.

We hold this study camp every year to increase productivity and provide constant guidance for our students. They come at every weekend, the timing is flexible, free and easy, a comfortable and conducive environment for studying. Any doubts can be clarified right away!

This is truly a cost-effective programme


  • PSLE students

  • O Level students

  • N Level students

Every Saturday x 5h and

Every Sunday x 5h

(max. 12 students)


* Speed up learning progress

* Clear doubts on the spot

* Instant improvement

CURRICULUM (choose from the following):

  • E-Math

  • A-Math

  • Science (Pure / Combined)

  • Chinese

  • Principles of Accounts


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